Building Valuable Developments

Fresh Holdings builds valuable development sites for delivery. Its activities include town planning, reconstitution of public domain, parcelling and urban management, site preparation, and implementation of infrastructure.

Key aspects of a land development project may include:

  • Site topographic, bathymetric and geotechnical surveys
  • Environmental impact assessment, land reclamation and decontamination, planning, design and implementation
  • Water modelling and marine works planning, design and implementation
  • Infrastructure and utility network planning, design and implementation
  • Public domain landscaping and street furniture, design and implementation
  • Geographical information system mapping, installation and applications
  • Land sale procedures and documentation

Fresh Holdings has always been known for delivering high quality construction with Australia's largest commercial builders, delivering Sydney’s high end: Residential, Commercial, Hotels and Casinos.

It is well known in the industry for:

  • Uncompromising drive and passion towards quality
  • Developing high performing staff

Delivering high quality developments and construction projects